Destruction Under the Stars 2018

Round 1 - Sandstorm vs - Gobble Gobble

Fight Recap

The goal for this fight was to stay alive and land some good hits. Gobble Gobble was a standard beater bar bot that had the potential to take out my wheels or armor. The one thing I didn’t expect going in was how small the arena was. I did not practice driving with any real space constraints and that was definitely an issue. The biggest issue with Sandstorm that ended up hurting in later fights was the lack of variable speed control on the weapon. Since I was spinning up to the full 9600+ RPM, I was storing so much KE that every turn I made had the potential to put me upside down. I spent a good part of the fight driving upside down until I landed a good hit that shot me into the arena ceiling and back on my feet. Other than those two issues, the fight went very well for Sandstorm. Win by KO.


Round 1
My Robot Sandstorm Win
Opponent Gobble Gobble