Destruction Under the Stars 2018

Round 2 - Sandstorm vs - Impact

Fight Recap

This was a scary fight going in. Impact is the defending champion with a very potent vertical drum spinner. In it’s first fight of the day, it KO’d its opponent in under 10 seconds. With the corners I cut on armor design, I knew that any mistakes would be fatal. We traded some incredible weapon to weapon blows with Impact taking out one of my front armor plates early on. In the final moments of the fight, the weapon belt derailed causing me to lose my weapon. Luckily it derailed as it hit top speed, so I had about a second to make one last hit before it was too slow to do any damage. I was able to land a final hit that launched impact over the arena wall. Win by KO.


Round 2
My Robot Sandstorm Win
Opponent Impact