Destruction Under the Stars 2018

Round 3 - Sandstorm vs - Unknown Avenger

Fight Recap

Unknown Avenger is a well driven control bot. I knew that I had to keep my weapon functional for the entire fight to guarantee the W. Because of the weapon flipping issue, I knew that I couldnโ€™t win any judge decisions. Unknown Avenger capitalized on the time I spent getting back into fighting stance. He did not let up for the entire fight. As was the story with the last fight, I lost my weapon belt. I was unable to get into attacking position before it stopped and the fight turned into a wedge war. Additionally, I was fighting weird electrical issues all fight. My weapon was working just fine throughout, but I chose to spin it down at certain moments so I can reliably drive into position. Post mortem in the pit led me to believe that with the 1.5" wide wheels, I had too much traction so any time I hit a wall or robot, motors would stall vs wheels slipping. After an entire fight of stalling, they werenโ€™t performing quite as well towards the end. A quick glance after the rumble suggested that one of my LED strips was shorting out, potentially causing some other issues. I have yet to do a full diagnosis on the robot to identify any further issues. Loss via Judge Decision.


Round 3
My Robot Sandstorm
Opponent Unknown Avenger Win