Sin City Shakedown 2019

Round 2 - Sandstorm vs - Kelpie

Fight Recap

Prior to this fight, I was repairing an issue I encountered during safety checks where the carrier pins inside of one of my drive gearboxes decided to shear themselves. Due to my assortment of gearboxes in hand, I wasn’t able to find a drop-in replacement before the fight. I resorted to reassembling a similar gearbox of a different ratio, leading to a less than ideal driving setup. The fight itself started about as well as I’d hoped. I drove conservatively because I wasn’t sure what would break next. Kelpie got a lot of good flips on me before the newest failure popped up — pinions slipping against the motors. This disabled one side of my drivetrain for the remainder of the fight. This was particularly frustrating since I thought I took measures to prevent that exact issue the night before. I reassembled the gearboxes with fresh motors and fresh pinions with loctite to help retain the pinions on the shafts. The fight later ended with both side drive pinions slipping and a KO for Kelpie. Result: Loss via KO


Round 2
My Robot Sandstorm
Opponent Kelpie Win