Sin City Shakedown 2019

Loser's Round 1 - Sandstorm vs - Gothmog

Fight Recap

Both robots in this fight were frantically repairing issues from their earlier fights. For me, I was fixing my drivetrain while Gothmogโ€™s team was debugging some electrical issues. I was fully prepared to go 0โ€“2 and start packing after this fight. Loading in, they told me that they were likely going to have issues, with their final power-on sealing the deal. After doing a quick connection test, their robot shut off with no way to recover before the fight started. I did the same thing and noticed that the glue I used to set the pinions probably didnโ€™t cure in time so my drivetrain was going to be as wonky as ever. Not a win that Iโ€™m proud of, but luckily I was able to do some good damage on the way. Result: Win via KO.


Loser's Round 1
My Robot Sandstorm Win
Opponent Gothmog