Sin City Shakedown 2019

Loser's Final - Sandstorm vs - Wumbo

Fight Recap

A legendary fight a whole year in the making. Jeff and Wumbo were my first pit neighbors way back at Destruction Under the Stars 2018 and I frequently bounce ideas off of him leading up to events. Wumbo is also the only robot other than Rickety Cricket that I knew would seriously damage my weapon module. I told Jeff that the offer to Rickety Cricket also extends to Wumbo. Do as much damage as you can since this is the last time this version of Sandstorm would fight. He accepted the offer and we both spun our weapons up to full speed. Sparks flew and my weapon assembly shattered within moments. Result: Loss via Tap Out


Loser's Final
My Robot Sandstorm
Opponent Wumbo Win