LA Maker Faire Bash 2019

Round 1 - Sandstorm vs - Under the Bed

Fight Recap

One thing that stood out to me throughout the entire event was the sheer number of horizontal spinners registered. At recent socal events, there have been one, maybe two horizontal spinners per event, but at Maker Faire, 7 out of the 10 robots in the 3lb class were horizontals. Prior to the event, I expected the usual distribution of robot types so I prioritized printing extra wedgelets over printing a mount for my titanium wedge configuration. Big mistake. Under the Bed is Kenny Hu’s new undercutter bot. The COTS edger blade was sharp enough to do some major damage to UHMW frames. Luckily, I was able to rush him fast enough to clip one of his wheels in the opening move and knock him around a couple of times throughout the match. In what would be a common theme throughout my fights, I was having some weird binding issues with the left side of my drivetrain which hurt my mobility at some points in the match. Luckily I was able to clip his weapon bar in just the right way to knock him out of the arena and win the match. Result: Win via Ring Out


Round 1
My Robot Sandstorm Win
Opponent Under the Bed