LA Maker Faire Bash 2019

Round 2 - Sandstorm vs - Explosion

Fight Recap

Explosion was the next horizontal spinner I faced. Tommy Wong built one of the toughest and most destructive beetleweights on the west coast in Explosion. Featuring an all TPU frame and a Silent Spring-esque design, it’s been making its rounds as one of the most dominant robots in 2019. In the opening move, I was hoping to rush him to hopefully dissipate some energy from his spinner before it could get up to speed. I was stopped by a new drivetrain issue β€” the latex coating on my replacement wheels delaminated and jammed itself in the drivetrain. I spent the entire fight crab walking which gave Explosion enough time to circle around me and cause some damage to my frame. Luckily my frame geometry prevented any significant damage, but eventually both sides of my drivetrain jammed up due to latex tread delamination and I was forced to tap out and fall into the loser’s bracket. Result: Loss via Tap Out


Round 2
My Robot Sandstorm
Opponent Explosion Win