LA Maker Faire Bash 2019

Loser's Round 2 - Sandstorm vs - Spinnie the Pooh

Fight Recap

My third horizontal spinner opponent was Spinnie the Pooh. It was an interesting carbon fiber 3D printed frame with an undercutter blade. In the opening hit, I was able to disable his weapon and start controlling the fight. This fight was going incredibly well for me since I started chipping away at his structures. I was sure that even if it went to judge’s decision, I could take the W on damage and control. That all ended when my weapon began to spin down and I heard my robot reboot. My transmitter was unable to regain connection and I was counted out for a Loss. I later determined the issue to be related to the BEC that powered my receiver. It did not regain power as expected and I couldn’t continue the match. Result: Loss via KO.


Loser's Round 2
My Robot Sandstorm
Opponent Spinnie the Pooh Win