July 4th VCR Meet

Rumble - Smokescreen

Fight Recap

Purple Nurple is a powerful horizontal spinner with proven maneuverability over Smokescreen. Knowing this, I went for the TPU wedge attachment and a more cautious strategy. To open the fight, I backed myself into the starting corner to give Purple Nurple 2 options to hit me — Try to bite my wedge head on, or hit the steel walls on either side of me. The wedge happily face tanked every hit that connected. Once I noticed that, I decided to spend more time trying to cause damage by deflecting hits and throwing Purple Nurple off balance. It was a fairly boring fight due to my defensive strategy and Smokescreen’s embarrassment of a drivetrain. At home, I had some issues with the wedge scraping the ground. I did as much as I could to fix that, but I didn’t account for the gouges in the arena floor. I eventually won due to Purple Nurple’s weapon self destructing.


My Robot Smokescreen Win