July 4th VCR Meet

Rumble - Sandstorm

Fight Recap

This was another good fight to test V4. Meddler is a very robust wedge bot with a pretty good record of tanking lots of hits from other vertical spinners. I ran with the short fork configuration since I saw that there were a couple of gouges in his wedge that i could probably take advantage of. The fight started off with Meddler exploiting my T-bone vulnerability. The new plastic scrapers they added made it very difficult for my fork to get underneath. Another issue they exposed was Sandstorm’s painfully slow drivetrain. I was able to get a couple of good hits in until my weapon pulley shattered on the final impact. I didn’t recover the wreckage, but using the above video, I’m assuming that it broke along a stress riser I added while trying to combat another issue. I think the screws holding the pulley to the hub backed out, as they tended to do in testing. This caused some slop which amplified shock loading on weapon startup and on impact, essentially wherever there was a differential in the motor speed and the weapon speed. The fight continued to the full 3 minutes and lost the decision.


My Robot Sandstorm Loss