July 4th VCR Meet

Rumble - Sandstorm

Fight Recap

Because of the failed weapon pulley from the previous fight, I ended up swapping in my entire disk assembly to replace the bar. Replacing the pulley itself wouldnโ€™t have saved much more time than just a full swap. I went into this with the same strategy I used in Smokescreen vs Purple Nurple. Back into the corner and limit the number of options for impact. The real fight started slightly out of frame when I tried to spin my weapon up to full speed. Upon collision, Sandstorm turned a bit and ended up gyroing upside down. Within seconds, my weapon motor shaft sheared itself and disabled my weapon for the entirety of the fight. I tried to salvage the fight with control, but it was futile with Off Trackโ€™s very much functional weapon buzzing away. I tapped out to save myself some time and money on repairing it at home.


My Robot Sandstorm Loss