November Necrosis 2020

Loser's Round 6 - Smokescreen vs - Propaganda Machine

Fight Recap

Propaganda Machine was the second horizontal spinner Iโ€™ve had to fight so far. They were having some weapon bearing issues leading up to the fight which caused some spinup issues early. I think my biggest tactical error was hitting them more than necessary. It almost seemed like one of these impacts dislodged their weapon and allowed it to spin. The fight continued with some interesting weapon on weapon hits which caused some structural damage to my frame. In this fight, the screws that hold my battery lid in place stripped from their holes which caused my battery to eject. I stayed connected but tried my best to protect the battery from Propaganda Machineโ€™s now-spinning weapon. I think I handled this about as well as I could have, but one final impact separated the robot and the battery, eliminating me from the tournament. In this impact, the battery was damaged and had to be placed in a safe location for disposal. Result: Loss via KO


Loser's Round 6
My Robot Smokescreen
Opponent Propaganda Machine Win