November Necrosis 2020

Round 1 - Faultline vs - White Fang

Fight Recap

The RNG deities did not bless Faultline today. A vertical drum spinner is possibly the worst draw for Fautline’s first opponent and the fight went about as well as expected. I came into the fight with the spring-loaded wedgelet configuration but only because I didn’t really have anything better against a drum spinner. In the plastic class, I’d be pretty confident in weapon-on-weapon impacts going in my favor. That assumption goes out the window against metal weapons. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it drove and how long it lasted against a full-metal weapon. Faultline’s plastic weapon tooth ended up shearing off upon impact with a steel weapon and the rest of the fight was just getting the front chewed up. I lasted as long as I could but eventually I had just lost too many components to keep moving. Result: Loss via Tap Out


Round 1
My Robot Faultline
Opponent White Fang Win